SSH Notes

Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol you can connect safely to remote unix systems. Exchange of username and password is encrypted and therefore safer than telnet or ftp. Filetransfer is done over SSH with command SCP (Secure Copy). SSH is also used in SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).


You will be prompted for pass word if the connection succeeds.

Connect to remote host

$ ssh user@host

Upload a file to remote host

$ scp file.txt user@host:/file/path/file.txt

Upload multiple files to remote host

$ scp "file.txt file2.txt" user@host:/file/path/

Download a file from remote host

$ scp user@host:/file/path/file.txt file.txt

Download multiple files from remote host

$ scp user@host:"/file/path/file.txt /file/path/file2.txt" /localfolder/

Upload files recursively to remote host

Recursively means (-r) you can copy a complete folder without speciafying any filenames. first path is local and second is on remote host. To download, change order of paths.

$ scp -r /file/path/folder/ user@host:/file/path/