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Working project

I've put some of my programming projects online for everyone to see, hoping that these small programs might be helpful to someone. At the moment of writing, I still have a lot of stuff to upload. Stuff that has been hidden somewhere on my hard drive for weeks, months and years. But once I find them, and when I get done with some of my ongoing projects, I will upload them here.


These are mostly related to networking and setting up a network in a Linux environment. Some articles and How-to's might include Macintosh and Windows systems, but only if in they are located in a mixed home networking environment.

C Programming

There are some examples of writing into a file or internet socket, not always complete programs, but helpfull pieces of code.
Hopefully :)


These are uploaded purely for informational purpose for all you curious minds looking for some CNC code. These pieces of code should never be used in real life by anyone anywhere. The author takes no responsibility of the quality or functionality of these programs, nor liability in case they were ever used.

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